Place of safety

Place of safety

Green holding bay,

John Lennon Piano heater fixed to the wall.

Miniature specs of dust are tiny stick men,

Dancing on the floor, they draw me in.

A small slit in the window shows a rabbit.

Poised to slide.

I can’t take my eyes off the red drainpipe, a section of tunnel slide, crying to be slid.

Each time a door slams everything in me jumps, hypersensitive terror.

As darkness falls shadows come to the windows, wolves dancing and changing faces.

I can’t draw my eyes away. The dark shadow of the bathroom melts up and down the walls.

When morning comes I see a bird at the window building its nest. Is it the bird which saved me? I am not sure it’s really there, but a perpetual symbol of hope popping up at the most desperate of times.


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