After work refreshment

I find social interactions overwhelming so a a day of lots of contact with people in work can leave me feeling overwhelmed and low. The impact of this is that I can want to retreat when I get home, I can be grumpy or not want to talk or can resort to unhealthy coping mechanisms.

I do walk to and from work, which can be helpful, but going the same way every day, particularly on the dark winter nights where there is less to see ,aside from the urban foxes, isn’t so great in re setting my brain.

This morning the weather forecast was showing it was going to be a sunny evening so I grabbed my camera as I dashed out the door. I love to take photos and often view the world as if certain parts are scenes from photos. Even if I don’t have my camera I can picture something being a good photo. I love to explore different angles and close up shots.

I took a different way home this evening to have a longer walk, at first it wasn’t enjoyable as lots of people were out due to the sunshine. But once I got into the greater section of open space of Purdown I began to relax and enjoy the signs of spring. The buds of the trees were looking particularly fantastic, so I stopped to take a photo.


The air was alive with the sound of bird song and plenty of birds were out foraging for their tea. I was a bit too early for sun set but took a few photos on a darker setting to get the best of the light.


A walk a day can be helpful to almost everyone, grab the moment when you can, even if it’s just a 10 minute stroll on your lunch break. Be curious about what is around you, even in a completely urban setting there are things of interest to discover and explore.

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