The expected and the unexpected – #30dayswild day 5

The weather had predicted a dry start to the day but as I opened my curtains I could already hear the rain pelting down outside. Most people would jump on a bus or in a car in this sort of weather. Not me though, I don’t drive – I’ve never learnt to drive, I find it hard to mimic or learn movements especially if something requires the co-ordination of doing more than one thing at once. A bus isn’t really an option as there is no direct bus to my place of work. On go the waterproofs, coat and trousers & I always keep some shoes in work to change into. Being out in the rain for less than an hour isn’t so bad as your waterproofs keep you completely dry. I am not so keen on 8 hours out in the rain, on a mountain, which I have done previously. After about 4 hours of torrential rain even the best waterproofs can’t keep you dry.

Despite the protection from the rain it felt like a bleak Monday, I was tired from lack of sleep and not looking forward to the day ahead. As I walked I tried to keep focused on the things around me. Out of the blue came the bright flash of a baby goldfinch, still looking a bit unsteady with flight- it was a nice splash of colour on such a grim morning and an unexpected suprise as I don’t see goldfinches locally very often.

As I reached the urban park next to my work I saw the 3 ducks were in the stream, they are only there when it rains. There is something comfortingly familiar about their site, one of them looked at me and seemed to yawn in empathy at the Monday morning feeling. I love the stream which runs through the park, although the park is in a built up urban area the stream has these gorgeously jungle like plants with giant green leaves shimmering in the rain.

I only had a short lunch break today as I had a meeting to go to. I do always make the time to take a break for my lunch and often find the blinds closed in the kitchen. There is a lovely garden outside the window, so the first thing I always do is open the blinds so I can watch the wildlife whilst I eat. We’ve had goldcrests and redwings in the garden this year, but today there was a lonely blackbird rooting round in the moss for it’s dinner. A bright pink rose caught my eye in the bush directly opposite where you stand to do the washing up – it was so well placed in a sea of green it was as if the bush was holding this beautiful rose out to me to somehow brighten my day. Nature has unexpected moments to catch your eye and cheer you on, but also holds some reassuringly familiar moments to keep that feeling of routine when things in your head start to feel out of control.

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