Advent Calendar 2018

I've created a photo advent calendar for Twitter and thought it might be nice to have a record of it on my blog. I'll try and update this page with the daily photo. 1st December Myself and partner saw the forecast around 6 years ago in the big freeze and took the day off work …

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The power of a factory reset

Yesterday was a horrible day, everything felt like it had fallen into piles of tiny pieces. It took a long time to calm myself. When something distressing happens I can often hold it for some time, running it over and over on repeat, the painful feelings conducting my behaviors, like an errant orchestra. In a …

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Mindful photography

Before I had my most recent period of being acutely unwell from the results of having an eating disorder I had started studying for an online course. I'd had to extend my deadlines a number of times due to my health. It was distressing me that I still hadn't completed it, so as part of …

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