My wild child day 7 #30dayswild

Sometimes we commit to a challenge and it’s not always possible to stick to it. I really wanted to get out for a wild walk this evening, but various things stopped me from doing so. The day started well with the allotment birds waking me from my slumber, the trill shrill of the wren, a call I’ve only learnt this year, but now so familiar, disturbing the peace. The call of the sea gull making me think of the seaside and the turf war of the magpie vs crow making a ruckus.

I wrote my daughter a list of ‘wild words’ to write a poem this evening and she came up with a brilliant bit of writing.

IMG_20170607_212035038_HDR (1).jpg

I love that although she is 13 she still enjoys wildlife. She often gets exited at seeing something new, particularly if she see’s it first! One of my highlight moments was when she spotted a barn out feeding at dusk in the Lake District, she was so excited and the three of us sat mesmerized watching it feed for ages. Another vivid moment was in Scotland when we had a pine marten visit us where we were staying or when we spotted an otter whilst waiting for a ferry back to the shore from as island trip. We recently spent a week in the Cairngorms and we enjoyed a lovely hour watching red squirrels feed in a garden which left nuts out for them. We were all thrilled to see mountain hares and ptarmigan in the mountains with their coats starting to change from the winter white to their summer colours. We have so many family memories in nature and it’s simple enjoyment we can still enjoy together outside of the hecticness of our day to day lives which are filled with tasks and technology. I hope she continues to enjoy nature with us and we can continue to find ways of enjoying it together. I am hoping to hand this blog over to her for a few days next week whilst we have a go at a few of her wild ideas.

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