A sense of self -day 18 #30dayswild

I often discredit myself for what I’ve achieved and resolutely fail to take pride or credit in most things which I do. When you’ve hit rock bottom it seems important to try and remember who you were, what that looked like and also to take comfort in places which you find familiar. For some this involves being in bed or on the sofa, but for me familiar involves being in the woods. The cool shade, the hungry cries of the juvenile birds and the dappled sunlight hitting the woodland floor. Things had changed since I was last in the woods, nature waits for no-one. There must have been strong winds at some stage as there were a number of freshly fallen trees on the ground. It helped to see the sculptures which I’d worked hard to get funding for & oversee the installation by an amazing sculptor called Andy O’Neil . There is still a distance between this self and me, we are side stepped out of line and trying to catch each other up.

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