My wild child day 7 #30dayswild

Sometimes we commit to a challenge and it's not always possible to stick to it. I really wanted to get out for a wild walk this evening, but various things stopped me from doing so. The day started well with the allotment birds waking me from my slumber, the trill shrill of the wren, a …

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Reminiscence #30dayswild – day 6

As I walked through the park on another drippy rain morning my eyes were drawn to the weeping willow tree in the park. I always find it comforting to walk past, and for me it's the stand out tree in the park. Part of the reason for the feeling of comfort goes back to being …

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Litter picking – walk and talk, day3 #30dayswild

Every month I meet up with a small group of volunteers to litter pick in Stoke Park Estate in Bristol. We've been litter picking in the estate for 3 years now and each year litter seems to be reducing. When we first started doing it there was lots of historic litter which had been there …

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