Mindful photography – daily distraction plan

It’s been a difficult few weeks. Going from having regular structure in the week: College, volunteering, face to face mental health support and about to start a new job, to suddenly nothing, was tough. I know I am lucky, I have a roof over my head, the option to stay at home and family living with me. Many aren’t so lucky and I feel bad for them. What I do know is that the best way to support others is to try and stay well myself and stick to the guidelines set by the government. I have always found photography to be helpful for my well-being. I decided to run a daily photography challenge that people could do from inside their home or their garden. The challenge will run Monday to Friday and I post it on my Twitter account each day. I encourage others to share their photos and how it has felt to them. So far I have been blown away with the contributions people have made. At the end of each week I will update the Corona photo challenge with all of the weeks activities. I understand people still have busy lives and may not have the time to try the challenge each day. You can try the challenges whenever you like. I am always pleased to see or hear the results of peoples photography activities.

Activity list: Corona photo challenge

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