Beating the January blues with views

For December this year I put together a photographic advent calendar, posting a photo and a memory associated with it each day. As I had chosen my photos at the start of December I’d often be surprised about the photo and memory associated with it when I came to post it each day. I found it helped remind me of better times, which was useful. So, with that in mind I have decided to do something similar for January, posting a photo of a poinginant view for every day of the month. January is often a bleak month and having something each day to remind me of better times should be helpful.

1st January 2019

This is a photo taken at Aust. You used to be able to catch a ferry from here to Wales before the bridge was built. It’s a great spot to watch a sunset and also to wildlife watch & hunt for fossils.

Jan 1st Aust

2nd January 2019

This view is of Freezing Hill, it’s a view I can distantly see from the open space by my house. I could see it on the OS map and enjoyed a plotting and completing a ramble with friends there a number of years ago.

Jan 2nd Freezing Hill.JPG

3rd January 2019

One of the closest coastal areas to where I live in Bristol I’ve often been to Sand Point to walk and look out over the English Channel, it’s a quieter contrast to the hustle and bustle of nearby Weston Super Mare.

Jan 3rd Sand Point.JPG

4th January 2019

This view is taken on Blackdown on the Mendips. It’s very muddy in the winter, but in the summer the top can resemble an African Plain if you use your imagination!

Jan 4th Burrington.JPG

5th January 2018

The Cathedral of Trees in Blaise Castle is one of my favourite #Bristol views. You can walk on a path high above them to look down into the gorge below. There are many myths and legends about Blaise which makes it an intriguing place to visit.

Jan 5th Blaise.JPG

6th January 2019

Weston Super Mare is a place I’ve often visited. A short train ride a way it was a treat of a day trip to take my daughter on as a single parent. The walk along the promenade to the rocky cove to look at pebbles and shells a highlight of our visit.

Jan 6th Weston.jpg

7rh January 2019

We visited Barry Island for the first time last year. There’s some nice walking to be had, with good views of Steep Holm Island. When you’ve finished your walk there’s plenty of beachside cafes to refuel at and a climbing wall to have an adventure on.


9th January 2019

I learnt much of what I know about nature in Stoke Park Estate, a beautiful open space next to the M32 motorway in Bristol. This open space is on our doorstep and this is my favorite view where I often sit to watch the dragonflies dance.

Jan 8th Stoke Park.JPG

9th January 2019

Although urban in structure the telecommunications tower is an iconic feature of Lockleaze and Purdown. Surrounded by WW2 gun emplacements I’ve often stood high on them to view the sunset. It can be seen from miles around.

Jan 9th Purdown.jpg

10th January 2019

Walking through Kenfig nature reserve you emerge from the burrows to this stunning view, especially spectacular on a stormy sky day with the industrial buildings on the horizon.

Jan 10th Kenfig.JPG

11th January 2019

Today’s view is taken from Nolton Haven in Pembrokeshire. We rushed up onto the coast path to catch the sunset, nothing more magical than just getting there in time. The oil tankers are a common feature on the horizon of this area.

Jan 11 Nolton Haven Pembrokeshire.JPG

12th January 2019

Cornwall has an array of beautiful beaches and Holywell Bay was a perfect spot for a summer evening wander with just a handful of others.

Jan 12 Holywell.JPG

13th January 2019

Llanddwyn Island, a tidal island at the end of Newborough Warren beach in North Wales. We visited here in winter and the tide wasn’t quite out so we took our boots off and waded across the chilly sea. It was worth it to have the island to ourselves

jan 13 llanddwyn island

15th January 2019

Exploring The Quiraing on the Isle of Skye. The rock features were formed due to a massive landslip which has created hidden plateaus and pinnacles of rock. Whilst sat in one of the plateaus my daughter spotted her first weasel!

Jan 15th Skye.JPG

16th January 2019

Derwentwater in the Lake District, the perfect spot to watch the sun go down and have competition skimming stones. On this walk we walked back via a field path and my daughter saw her first ever barn owl.

Jan 16th Derwent Water (friars Crag).JPG

17th January 2019

Blorenge in Abergavenny is a small hill, but with big views. A great place to take the family. With a trig point and sumit shelter it feels like a mountain and the views to Abergavenny below are wonderful.

Jan 17th Blorenge.jpg

18th January 2019

This photo was taken on a trip where we walked all the Rhinogydd mountains. In the day time we were the hills and in the afternoons on the beach. This was taken on Dyffryn Beach where one evening we saw dolphins jump whilst watching the sunset.

Jan 18th Rhinogs.jpg

19th January 2019

Loughrigg Tarn, a lovely serene Lake District spot to sit and watch the world go by. This photo was taken on our first trip to the Lake District, we stayed in an old barn next to Coniston Water,with no bathroom Coniston Water was our bathing spot!

Jan 19th Loughrig.jpg

20th January 2019

Ord Ban is a lovely little hill above Loch an Eilein in the Scottish Cairngorm mountains . There’s a lovely walk around the Loch below and for the brave a swim to the castle on the Loch! Link to walking route.

Jan 20th Cairngorms above Loch an Eileen.JPG

21st January 2019
The Pen Y Fan horseshoe is a classic walking route in the Brecon Beacons. This was the area which sparked my interest in going up mountains. When the weather is bad it can feel like a exposed place to be,but the beauty shines through.

Jan 21st Brecon Beacons.JPG

22nd January 2019

Sometimes in the mountains you get lucky enough to get a blue sky day and as you stop and take in the view all you can see is a horizon of hills. You just pause and smile.

Jan 22nd Lakes.JPG

23rd January 2019

Whiteford Sands lighthouse, the last remaining wave washed lighthouse in Britain. Only accessible at low tide and with no nearby parking it feels like a very remote spot to be.

jan 23rd whiteford sands

24th January 2019

Ness Cove in Devon, you go through a tunnel to reach the beach. When my daughter was small and I was a single parent we would often catch the train to Devon for holidays, this photo reminds me of those times.

Jan 24th Ness Cove, Devon.JPG

25th January 2019

Along the coast path from Dunraven Bay, some impressive geology below. Walking along the sands includes a waterfall tumbling from the cliffs and ladders from the beach to the coast path if you feel brave! There’s also castle ruins to visit.

25th Jan Dunraven.jpg

26th January 2019

Brixham was one of the first places I took my daughter on holiday and discovering the magical Churston Cove not far from where we were staying was a delight. We’ve revisited many times and love to swim here.

26th Jan Churston.jpg

27th January 2019

Above Mewslade Bay in the Gower, there’s always a peaceful spot just off the coast path to sit and watch the world go by. Always have a good book on stand by *just in case*

27th Jan Gower.JPG

28th January 2019

Walking out onto the Worms Head is a classic Gower walk, only accessible between tides. I’m scared of heights, so went across the section pictured on my hands and knees. The very end isn’t accessible during bird breeding season.

28th Jan Worms Head.JPG

29th January 2019

A more urban view for today’s photo – the view across to the Purdown Tower and Stoke Park from the top of the Wills Memorial building in Bristol. Looking towards home…

29th Jan Wills Building.JPG

30th January 2019

The view from Aran Fawddwy in the Aran mountain range. Around 10 years ago we bought a book listing all the mountains in Wales, it’s led us to some fantastic places we may not have thought to go otherwise. The Arans feel wonderfully remote and unspoilt.

30th Jan Arans.jpg

31st January 2019
Llangattock Escarpment, a line of limestone cliffs in South Wales. Many caving adventures have been had from here, there’s still many trips left to do and when in better health I will return..
31st Jan Llangattock.jpg



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