Nature please hold me -day 17 #30dayswild

I’ve not been well which is why the daily blog posts had stopped. I don’t feel well enough to write anything particularly. I feel broken and weak. I desperately needed to be held by nature today as it’s the only thing which keeps me fighting the swings of mood. I feel physically broken, so needed somewhere where I could walk out of the car into nature which was flat and had benches I could regularly sit on. We chose to visit 3 brooks nature reserve which is only 10 minute drive away from our house, but we had never been there before, thinking it would lack interest as it’s surrounded by roads and motorway. How wrong I was. The place was jammed full of interesting plants, butterflies, birds & different habitats. There is a guilt about going outside, but it is the only medicine which helps me. Watching a reed warbler? sing helped keep me in the present and away from the dark thoughts.

3 thoughts on “Nature please hold me -day 17 #30dayswild

  1. What a beautiful spot you found, wonderful pictures. I’m sorry you’re unwell, don’t feel guilty about going outside, sometimes it really is just what you need. I hope you begin to feel better soon


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